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an introduction

E-marketing is one of the most important means of marketing nowadays, especially marketing and advertising on the Internet. If we want to consider that the Internet is a means of advertising, we can say that it is the best way for that because it has become the most widely used of all categories, so your ad will be directed to many people.

Pre-advertisement options

If you want to advertise on the Internet, you must know 4 important steps before choosing the website that will display your ad, which are:

Advertising price

Advertisement duration

The location and area of ​​displaying the advertisement on the site

The number of visitors to this site

All of these things are related to each other, so the price of the advertisement, for example, changes according to the change in the duration of the advertisement, the place of its presentation and the number of visitors to the site.

Why do I advertise on the Prince website?

If we want to link the pre-advertisement options to an advertisement on the Prince website, you can find out why:

Advertise on LePrince’s website at the lowest prices

The duration of the advertisement is from the choice of the advertiser, from one month to one year.

- More than 500 visitors to LePrince's website daily from different countries of the world, and this is evidence of the success of your advertisement with us

– Place of displaying the advertisement: on all pages of the site (other places and spaces can be added according to the agreement with the advertiser)

Ads that can be displayed on

Facebook and Twitter pages

- Products of all kinds

Cafes, restaurants, schools and shops

Electronic programs

Websites and blogs


Activities of all kinds

- etc...


Prices range from $5 to $20

* You can pay 10 dollars to advertise for a whole year if you are the first time to try this service with us

Reservation and payment methods

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