Videotron Outage: What's Going on in Canada?


 If you've been living in Canada recently, you've probably noticed something strange with your internet—and it's not just the fact that everyone is streaming TV shows in the background.

It seems like Videotron, a major internet provider in Canada, shut down service due to an unprecedented outage. This has resulted in thousands of Canadians being unable to use their internet connection, leaving them feeling isolated and frustrated.

So why did this happen? What is going on behind the scenes? We know it's not a technical issue, so what exactly is happening? In this article, we'll take a look at what is going on with the Videotron outages and how it could affect Canadians across the country.

Videotron Outage Canada

Overview of Videotron's Outage in Canada

Are you in Canada and noticing a lack of service from Videotron? You're not alone: an outage has been reported across Quebec, affecting both landline and internet service.

The outage affects thousands of customers who rely on Videotron for TV, phone, and internet connections, with some reports of it lasting as long as 18 hours. It's possible that the outage was caused by a winter storm, but there is no official statement from Videotron yet.

As of now, the company has said that they are working to restore full network access to the affected regions as soon as possible. They have also set up a call center to answer questions from customers on voicemail and social media platforms.

Videotron customers have been encouraged to check their service provider's website or social media accounts for updates on the status of their services.

Affected Areas of Videotron's Outage

Are you living in Quebec and experiencing an outage? If so, you're likely not alone. Videotron's network has been experiencing outages in several areas of Quebec, including Montreal, Sherbrooke, Laval, and other areas.

These interruptions have led to service interruptions for many customers using landline phone services, Wi-Fi services and cable TV. Additionally, their services have also been disrupted in some parts of Ontario.

The outages have caused a significant amount of frustration to customers who rely on Videotron for their day-to-day communication needs. There is currently no timeline on when the situation might be resolved, but Videotron is working hard to bring back its services as soon as possible.

Customer Support During This Outage

If you’re frustrated by the Videotron outage, you're not alone. And, even though it’s not helpful right now, Videotron has tried to provide customer service during this difficult time.

For one thing, they have a Facebook page where they provide helpful updates and useful information to customers. They are also trying to help with individual lagging issues over Twitter and Reddit.

Besides those communication channels, they have a website explaining why the outage occurred and what they are doing to fix it.

Plus, their customer service phone line is open 24/7 for customers who need help or have questions about their accounts.

Of course, this doesn't make up for all the frustrations caused by the outage—but it is clear that Videotron is doing its best to respond quickly and effectively to its customers during this difficult time.

Explanation From Videotron on the Situation

If you're concerned about the outage, Videotron is providing updates on their Twitter page. On August 18th they tweeted: "We are aware of the situation and our teams are working hard to restore service."

The company commented that the root cause was due to a very large volume of traffic originating from a malicious source, which is currently being investigated by authorities. They have implemented measures to reduce this high volume of traffic and they expect services to return shortly.

Videotron also mentioned that customers should expect their service to be restored shortly, with minimal impact on their overall experience—but that may come as little comfort for those who are still without service. Video streaming services were also affected by the attack, so customers won't be able to see their favorite shows even after service is restored.

Assistance Available to Customers During the Outage

If your home or business is in an area experiencing a Videotron outage, it's understandable that you might be feeling frustrated. The good news is, there's help available to you to get your services back up and running in no time.

Seeking assistance

The first step is to make sure to check the status of your services via the Videotron Support. From there, you can do a few things:

Reach out for help on live chat with a customer service representative – they're available 24/7 for technical support and advice on what to do next.

Give the customer service team a call at 514-321-4545 from 8am - 10pm EST weekdays, and 9am - 6pm EST weekends and holidays.

Use social media – they have both an official Facebook page and Twitter handle where you can message them directly with your inquiry.

Check out their online troubleshooting guide in case you need to reset your modem or other DIY fixes before contacting support directly.

Still having issues? Don't hesitate to reach out directly—a team member will be more than happy to answer any of your questions or help get things sorted out as quickly as possible!

Long Term Solutions for Outages

One thing that you may not know is that there are long-term solutions for the Videotron outages. In light of this issue, Videotron has made multiple commitments to ensure that their customers have a reliable connection moving forward.


Videotron has committed to providing customers with refunds for service outages, as well as providing credits for any additional services used during the outage. This includes things such as Netflix or other streaming services if customers were unable to access their normal programming.

Infrastructure upgrades

Videotron has also committed to making long-term improvements in their infrastructure, including upgrades in fiber optic cables and modernization of mobile network towers throughout Canada. These upgrades should allow for better speeds and greater bandwidth overall, reducing or eliminating outages from happening again.

This is great news for all Canadians because it means that they can look forward to reliable internet speeds, even during peak times when demand is highest – something that has been lacking in the past but hopefully will be improved upon due to these improvements by Videotron.


All in all, the Videotron outage has had a huge impact on many of Canada's Telecommunications customers. It has been a concerning issue for many Canadians who rely on their telecom services for work, learning, and communication.

Though Videotron has made some progress in restoring their services, it is clear there are still more challenges to be faced. It is essential that Videotron take decisive action to ensure their customers are not faced with further disruption. This includes taking all necessary steps to prevent similar outages in the future.

For now, Videotron customers should continue to be patient and keep monitoring the situation in order to ensure their services are restored as soon as possible.

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