Professional computer screen capture requires knowledge of the best programs and tools that provide this service, how it works, and choosing the most suitable one for the purpose you need. How can you photograph the computer screen with the best quality? Can it be filmed without the software?

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Computer screen recording without software

You can record the computer screen through the computer itself without software, as a feature built into the Windows system called Xbox Game Bar helps you. Although this feature is intended primarily for filming video games, it is located within the gaming settings in the Windows system, but it can be used to record the computer screen at any time for any purpose. Here is how to use this feature in detail:

First: access the tool and adjust the settings

Accessing the Xbox Game Bar requires some settings to be enabled initially before it's ready for you to use at any time. To access it in Windows 10, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Windows logo at the bottom of the screen, and select Settings.

2. After opening the settings page, the screen shown in the following image will appear in front of you, from which choose Gaming

Adjust the computer screen recording settings for Windows

3. After choosing Gaming, you will see the screen shown in the following image.  Here you have to make sure that the options at the top of the screen are activated, as the first option allows you to allow the Xbox Game Bar tool to record videos during games, conversations, and more. The second option, it allows you to use some shortcuts to access the tool. You can modify them as you like, or use the default shortcuts shown in front of you on the screen, as each shortcut appears and the function it performs. From here you can see that we will open the tool later by pressing the Windows + G button on the keyboard.

Access the computer screen recording tool and adjust the settings

4. Now adjust the same video settings as you want, go to the menu on the left of the screen and choose Captures from it, the menu shown in the following image will appear:

Adjust the settings of the videos themselves as you want

By clicking on Open Folder, the program will allow you to choose the location where you want to save the recorded videos. You can choose anywhere on the computer, the second option “Background Recording” allows you to record sounds in the background or not, meaning that you can record audio and video only inside the computer or record audio from outside the computer as well, such as talking while playing, and you may This option affects the quality of the video.

As for the third option, “Record this”, it allows you to specify the maximum range of video recording between 30 minutes to 4 hours, you can choose according to what you see fit, and the importance of this choice lies if you want to leave the device recording alone, as it automatically closes the recording after the period selected.

The fourth option, “Record audio”, allows you to choose between recording video only or recording audio and video. Below it, you will find another option: “Turn the mic on by default when I record.” This option means that the tool will turn on the microphone by default when you record.

5. By going to the bottom of the screen, you will find the option “Audio quality” to choose the quality of the video, and it is recommended to use the quality recommended by the program that is suitable for the device.

Choose the video quality

Then you can select the volume you want, and you can control the volume of both the system and the microphone. As for the “video frame rate” option, it is also for video quality, so choose the recommended quality. The last option allows you to control whether or not the mouse cursor appears in the video. Here you have finished adjusting the settings and the instrument is ready to record.

The second step: is recording videos

Now we will start the registration phase, and you can start using the tool via the shortcuts that we defined earlier. The default shortcut to open the tool is the Windows + G button, and after pressing it, the following screen will appear:

Record computer screen videos

This screen shows a set of settings and data related to the use of the device, the volume level, etc., but what concerns us is the box that appears at the top left of the screen, as it shows the start audio recording button, and next to it the start video recording button. You'll notice that you can't press record video because the tool doesn't start recording while you're on your desktop, but as soon as you open any program, browser, or something else, you'll be able to start recording completely normally.

The image in front of you will not appear during the recording, but it will disappear as soon as you start recording the computer screen and press anywhere on the screen, and a bar will appear instead on the side of the screen showing the time taken for recording and next to it the stop button, and this bar will also not appear in the recorded video, once Stop recording, the video is automatically saved to the preset location.

Best computer screen recording software

For many users, the previous tool will be more than enough, especially since it does not require the use of any other software, but many people whose work requires computer screen recording may want to use more professional tools with more features, so we collected in this part of the article a group of The most famous free and paid programs used to record the computer screen that you will need.

1. Flashback Express

The reason for placing this program Flashback Express at the top of the list is that it is the simplest and easiest in the graphical interface and method of use, which makes it the most suitable option for beginners or those who do not have experience in recording and montage, and it also includes a free and paid version.

The free version includes a set of features, the most important of which is recording screen and sounds with high quality and without watermarks, and it allows capturing the webcam or capturing a specific place on the computer screen, as well as the ease of sharing videos after recording or uploading them to YouTube, and there is no time limit for recording, so you may be The free version of this software is sufficient for recording and sharing videos.

The paid version, FlashBack Pro, includes a screen recorder and video editor as well. In addition to the previous features, this version includes a complete set of video editing and montage tools and includes the ability to add different effects or add texts and external sounds, etc., in addition to the ability to save the video in all formats, which makes it supported for playback in any format and with any program.

2. GOM Lab software

The famous GOM company is one of the most renowned software companies in the field of media applications in general, and it has many excellent and distinctive products, the most important of which is the GOM Lab program that we are talking about and that is used to record the computer screen with professionalism and quality.

The program includes a free and paid version, but what is unique here is that this program offers you a complete library to help you fully manage your recordings, from the recording process to publishing videos online, in addition to the ability to record audio and video in high resolution, it allows you to compress videos and reduce their size to help you to publish it faster. Both the free and paid versions provide many tools for editing videos and montages without resorting to other programs.

3. FreeCam

The Free Cam program, in addition to that combines extreme simplicity in use with the many features found in other programs, but what distinguishes it most is the possibility of sharing videos directly and automatically over the Internet, as it allows linking your YouTube channel or your email directly to the program, which allows the ability to upload the video Or share it in e-mail directly after registration, so this program is the perfect choice for content creators on YouTube.

In addition to video recording tools, the program also has a variety of simple editing and montage tools that can be more than enough to create content on the Internet that does not require much editing on videos. It includes tools to remove noise and noise from video and purify sound and image.

4. OBS Studio

OBD Studio is the most professional software on this list. Although it is completely free, it includes a huge set of different features from other programs, for example, this program includes special settings for each type of recording, it includes special settings for recording live broadcasts, settings for recording educational content, and other settings for recording games and others.

It allows creation a live broadcast from within the program itself by linking it to YouTube or any other site, but the problem with this program is the relatively complex interface compared to other programs and the program supports all operating systems.

Online computer screen recording

Now you may want to record the computer screen, but without having to download and use any software at all. In fact, it is possible to record videos online only through the browser, by either going to one of the online computer screen recording sites that does all the work for you relatively or with some simple extensions to the browser you are using.

One of the most important sites for recording a computer screen over the Internet is the famous Screen App, which is a free site that allows recording audio and video through the computer screen with ease. Once you log in to the site, you will see the page shown in the following image:

Online computer screen recording

Once you click on the “Get Started” option, the site will automatically direct you to the registration page, which will appear in front of you as follows:

Start recording computer screen online

On this page, you will find a set of options that you can modify as you wish, as follows:

• The first option is “Screen only”, which allows you to choose between recording the screen only or recording the screen with the webcam. Once you click on it, a pop-up menu will appear for you to choose from.

• The second option is “No Audio”, which allows you to choose the method of recording audio. Once pressed, a pop-up menu will appear allowing you to choose between not recording audio at all, which is the default, recording browser audio only, recording internal system audio without the microphone, or recording microphone and system audio together.

Then you can save the settings by choosing “Start recording automatically”, after which the recording will start automatically directly. Now that the settings are set, press the “Share your screen” button and the recording process will begin. Once you have completed the recording process, press the stop button that will appear in front of you, and you can then download the video and deal with it. It should be noted that the site is completely free and supports all browsers.

And this is not the only way through which a computer screen can be recorded over the Internet, some browser shortcuts can also be added that allows recording audio and video directly and quickly, the most famous of which is the Screen Recorder for Google Chrome add-on, which is the simplest and easiest add-on ever to use, all you have to do What to do after adding it to your browser is to press the Start button or Capture Screen to start recording and press the Stop button to end the recording, then download the video to your device or upload it to Google Drive.

There is another addition, which is the Screen Recorder & Video Editor App, and it is distinguished from the previous edition in that it includes a set of options for editing the video after recording, and it is also very simple to use, like the first edition.

Editing recorded videos

All of the previous tools help you record your content directly from the computer screen in a more professional manner, but if your work requires high-quality content or depends entirely on recording this type of video, it is very important to pay attention to some notes that can raise the quality of the recording, and one of the most important These notes:

1. Use an external camera instead of a computer camera, and use an external microphone instead of the default microphone, because using only these means can do the trick, but it will not give you the required quality, and the device’s microphone will pick up all the noises around you, which negatively affects the quality of content you provide.

2. We took into account in most of the tools that we have discussed in this article that they include means for editing videos to be more than sufficient for the majority of users, but if you want to raise the level of professionalism in the work of editing and editing videos, it is necessary to seek the help of external programs designed for these purposes specifically. The most famous of which is the Blender program, which is compatible with all operating systems, and is completely free and without a watermark, as well as the Lightworks program from the giant Adobe company.

In the end - and as we mentioned earlier - although the computer screen recording skill may be relatively simple and easy to learn and use, it has opened a wide door in the world of digital content industry of all kinds, which helped international content in various fields, and showed New sources for creating visual content in a different, easier and simpler way, just open the computer screen, start recording .. Then add your services in the distance training classification, to reap the profits from now.