10 useful apps for everyday life that you must have on your phone right now


They used to say that a book is a good companion, but in our current time, the phone is undoubtedly the best companion if we use it well and deal with it better, and why not, and through the phone, you can read books, watch videos, communicate with others, and do whatever you want, but can this be done without the help of an application? Of course not, and that is why users are always keen to download useful applications for daily life to solve the problems they face and make life easier.

There are an unlimited number of applications in the store that you can download to your phone for free, including camera applications, map applications, navigation applications, translation applications, English language learning applications, and much more, but there is no need to search on your own as we offer you the following rolling list of the best Android and iPhone applications that will help you a lot in your daily life.

1. Microsoft To-Do app

If you have not used this application before, you have missed a lot, as it is considered one of the best useful applications for daily life, as it helps you follow up and organize your daily tasks to achieve them efficiently.

Therefore, whether you are a student, an employee, or even a businessman, it will be very necessary to use this application. In the beginning, you write down your daily goals and what you want to achieve, and then you arrange them according to priorities. Alerts will constantly send you notifications to remind you to accomplish your tasks.

Microsoft To-Do features are not limited to this, but it also allows you to create lists such as shopping lists, etc. It also allows you to collaborate with others and complete tasks together to encourage each other.

Features and uses of Microsoft To-Do:

  • With the Microsoft To-Do app, you can make a to-do list for just about anything, whether it's work or personal life.
  • It helps you organize your tasks and get them done first, so it is one of the best apps to make your daily life a lot easier.
  • The application allows you to customize the look by changing the colors of the interface.
  • The app is very fast, easy to use, and supports syncing across different devices and phones.
  • It sends you alerts to remind you of tasks and allows attachments and links to be downloaded.
  • The application allows you to create main tasks as well as sub-tasks, which will greatly improve your productivity.

2. Google Maps app

No matter where you are, the Google Maps application will be of great help to you, as it is considered one of the best free applications for navigation and navigation around the world and is used by hundreds of millions of users to guide them while traveling or even moving from one place to another.

Therefore, if you are traveling to a new place and do not know much information about it, there is no need to ask the people who are there in abundance. Just download the Google Maps application on your phone, then search for the place you want to reach, and the program will provide you with the correct directions and the way to reach the desired place easily.

What distinguishes the Google Maps application:

  • Gets constant updates, directions, and places.
  • It is very easy to use, fast, and very light.
  • One of the most important applications that we need in our daily lives.
  • It is completely free and you do not need to pay any fees.
  • It allows you to download and access maps without the Internet.

3. CamScanner

Thanks to its great features, the CamScanner application has been able to obtain more than 100 million downloads for Android phones, as it is considered the best document scanning application ever, through which you can scan pages and books and convert them to PDF files very quickly, and the best thing is that it helps you in obtaining clear and accurate images for written texts.

Cam Scanner Mobile application features:

  • The app helps you scan documents and convert them to PDF pages and number them easily.
  • With it, you can photocopy documents, books, receipts, invoices, business cards, and more.
  • It allows you to add some quick modifications to the images, such as cropping or adding effects, to improve them and make them clearer.
  • It will be the most useful app for daily life for you if you are a student or a teacher.

4. Google Translate app

Translation applications are among the most important applications that we need daily at present, as we are seeing English and foreign languages ​​everywhere, and the Google Translate application is one of the best completely free translation applications, and the application provides you with many features and characteristics that will make you deal with foreign languages ​​as well If it was your native language.

Through this application, you can translate words and phrases, as well as translate by voice, translate conversations, translate texts within other applications, and much more. The application also features that allow you to download translations without the Internet so that you can use the translation features later without the Internet.

5. LastPass

Previously, it was possible to save passwords for websites and applications, but today, with dozens of services that we use daily, it will not be easy at all to remember this huge amount of passwords.

But you do not have to worry anymore as the LastPass application will help you with this problem completely, as it is a free and easy-to-use password management application that makes it at the top of the list of important and useful applications for all users.

This application is very secure and provides a two-factor authentication system for more security, and the application will save and store all passwords and login information for you so that you do not have to save them yourself.

Although there are many applications that we need to manage other passwords, LastPass comes with an easy interface and many features that make it the best without competition.

6. Quora app

It may be difficult to find an application that helps you in all aspects of your life, but the experts will do that. I mean, if you can communicate with an expert in every field, your life will be much easier, and this is exactly what the Quora application provides you, through which you can ask any question that comes to your mind. There is a huge community that includes millions of experts and users from all over the world. The application also contains an Arabic language section, which allows you to communicate easily without the need for translation.

Quora features and uses:

  • It has a quick search engine to find answers to your questions.
  • You can ask new questions that you didn't find answers to, and the experts will help you.
  • The site has many varied sections, which makes it organized and not random.
  • It is widely regarded as one of the most useful applications for all users' daily lives.
  • It has a very active community from all over the world and in all popular languages.
  • Download the app: for Android | for iPhone

7. Microsoft applications

Like all technology companies, Microsoft is keen to develop and provide important and useful applications. Fortunately, there are dozens of free Microsoft applications for Android and iPhone that are very useful, including most of the famous Office package programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and much more.

And not only that, but the company also offers the Microsoft Launcher application to change the appearance of the phone, the Microsoft Authenticator application that specializes in security, the Office Lens application for scanning documents, and many other applications, including the Microsoft To-Do application that we talked about at the beginning of the topic. If you want to download applications useful for your daily life, you should browse the Microsoft applications in the store and choose what is useful to you to download.

8. Reddit app

The Reddit application is considered one of the best applications to facilitate daily life, as it is a program for social communication and the application contains communities specialized in various topics and things from various walks of life, which helps you reach answers to any question that comes to mind, get advice from experts, learn how to do things, and much more. Of course, you can also participate in the community by discussing other people's ideas or providing answers and solutions to their problems. If you're familiar with the apps.

9. Solid Explorer

Each phone already contains a file manager, but the Solid Explorer application will provide you with many features that are not available in the default application on your phone, including the ability to open and browse all files of all kinds, whether images, videos, audio files, etc., and it also allows you to access cloud storage services to easily share your files in case you need to. The application also includes a plethora of extremely useful features, making it the best application for browsing and managing files.

10. The IFTTT app

We cannot talk about the best useful applications for daily life without mentioning the very distinctive IFTTT application, which is an application for automating tasks and linking applications with each other, and therefore it will make your use of the phone much easier than ever before, which makes it one of the best applications to greatly facilitate daily life.

Through the IFTTT application, you will be able to automate tasks and applications on your phone so that they run automatically at specific times. For example, Wi-Fi can be enabled or disabled at a specific time. The application can also run certain applications at the times you choose. It will be one of your phone's main applications at first, but once you learn how to use it properly.


In conclusion, we have discussed 10 useful apps for everyday life that you must have on your phone right now. These apps cover a wide range of daily needs, from time management and task organization to online shopping and taking care of your mental health.

By using these apps, you can improve your lifestyle and make it more smooth and efficient. Thanks to the innovations we witness in the field of technology, these apps continue to evolve and improve constantly.

Therefore, do not hesitate to download these apps on your smartphone and use them effectively to achieve success and accomplishment in your daily life.

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