From hacking YouTube stars to stealing $600 million in cryptocurrency


Hacking the accounts of stars and celebrities on YouTube

Last night, a hacker hacked a large number of singers and celebrities' YouTube accounts including singers Eminem, Cardi B, Harry Styles, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Drake, Travis Scott, Lil Ozzy Vert, Lil Nas X and even pop legend Michael Jackson's channel.

Hackers News

A newly created Twitter account called lospelaosbro claimed responsibility for the hack, via a series of tweets, and the hacker also asked for suggestions from followers who they would like to hack.

The hacker posted strange videos on the hacked channels, and one of the videos was titled “Justin Bieber – Freedom for Paco Sanz,” a Spanish criminal who is currently serving a prison sentence for defrauding thousands of people after pretending to have a terminal illness.

You can suggest hacking YouTube channels on the Twitter hacker account:

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Crypto Hackers

Hacker steals $600 million worth of cryptocurrency from a gaming platform

Press reports revealed that a hacker managed to steal about 600 million dollars from the Ronin Network platform through the game Axi Infinity, and the game depends on players getting cryptocurrencies, as the hacker forged fake withdrawals using hacked private keys.

Representing the second largest ever hack in the cryptocurrency space, the hacker managed to steal 173,600 ETH from the game Axi Infinity, which is worth approximately $591.2 million in addition to another $25.5 million.

Ronin Network, an Ethereum-linked blockchain platform, said it had a security breach, and the platform discovered the attack after a user reported that it was unable to withdraw 5,000 Ethereum worth $17 million from the network.

Ronin added that it has reached out to security teams at major exchange and blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis for assistance and has paused transactions on its network.

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