All you need to know about DropShipping and affiliate


E-marketing and the ways to profit from it are the focus of the conversation of the hour. It cannot be denied that the field of marketing is one of the largest and most common fields, and at the end of this post you will be able to understand all the basics and differences between the field of drop shipping and the field of affiliates, and you will also be able to profit The first dollars. If you complete the entire article, and if you are a professional, you can benefit from the new methods that we will discuss.

E-marketing in general is the use of all modern technologies and all means available on the Internet to reach the largest possible number of the target audience, and the objectives of marketing are to sell products in a modern way and at the lowest costs.

All you need to know about DropShippnig and the affiliate system
DropShippnig and affiliate

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Many people make money up to $200 per day from the field of digital marketing, and the report may exceed this for professionals, and I never exaggerate when I say this information, so do not underestimate the power of this work because it is already one of the most profitable fields in 2022.

What is Drop Shipping


It is possible to embody drop shipping in the stores that you see today in your normal life and from which you buy all your things, and by this we mean retail, that is, the system of stores is based on buying goods at wholesale prices and then reselling them at profitable prices

In the field of e-marketing, you will not need warehouses to store goods or provide capital to purchase products, but you will only communicate with a factory or wholesale company so that you take the role of mediator when you offer these goods to visitors and sell them.

How does this happen?

You can create an online store or catalog that contains all the products that you will sell, and then send all purchase orders or requests to the manufacturer or drop shipping stores to ship the product to the customer.

In ial request to purchase these products, you will raise this request to the manufacturer that you dealt with to a simplified way, you are the one who will display the products to people, and when you receive any specdo its part, which is to ship the item to the customer.

How do you win?

We assume that you will sell men's watches, and the price of one watch is 5 dollars. Of course, this price is the wholesale price. Do not forget that you will sell at the retail price, that is, you will sell one watch for at least 8 dollars.

Explanation of the shipping process

The supplier or product maker will ship the purchases to customers with your logo, and thus the name of the factory will remain anonymous to customers and all goods will carry your brand

Explanation of pricing

In the field of profit from drop shipping, you are the one who sets the price and you are free to any number you put, all you have to do is convince the customer to buy and reach the largest possible number of buyers to achieve profits.

What are the stages of profit from dropshipping?

  • You have to design your own online store
  •   Choose your provider
  •   Define the audience
  • Getting started with the marketing process

Ways to create a store


Creating an online store is a very important step, and it is not difficult. You can register on the WordPress platform and install the wonderful and free woocommerce add-on through which you can manage your stores, as it has important tools that help you very much in your work.

Shopify platform

In the field of profit from drop shipping, the Shopify platform is the most appropriate and best, as it contains many advantages, the most important of which are ease of use and continuous support, as it has all the tools you need

Almost all providers such as Alibaba and Ali Express support the Shopify platform, where you can connect your store and the provider's website with a click of a button, which gives you more ease of use.

expand cart . platform

An Arab platform that has many tempting offers and is specialized in creating electronic stores, as I mentioned them in a previous post on the Prince website.

You can start on this platform for its ease of use and availability in the Arabic language, because you may need technical support if you are a beginner, and the prices are suitable if you think of upgrading your package from free to paid.

Define the audience

In the beginning, you have to choose a specific niche, and what is meant by the niche is a specific category, for example, electronic devices or the fashion category. This point will help you choose your audience and know the most appropriate method for your marketing process.

The competent person is always very successful in his work and is professional, so you cannot diversify at first, perhaps later you will be able to enter into new branches

Choosing a niche helps you determine the marketing methods, age group and gender, male or female.

Choose a provider

In this article, we will choose BangGood and explain step by step how to sign up for the dropshipping program

1 Go to this link and create an account


You can create your own account by logging in through Google or Facebook, twitter and Apple account

2 Go to your account page

3 Enter the program center from the side menu

4 Choose a dropshipping program

5 Fill out the form and activate your account by e-mail

6 Waiting for a response about your acceptance or rejection

After applying to join the Drop Shipping profit program, a specialized team from BangGood will reply to you via mail with this name:

dropshipBG <>

In most cases, acceptance is done without any problems, so there is no need to worry, and in the last remaining stage is to choose the products and start uploading them to your own store and then start the marketing process.

Profit from affiliate system

Profit from affiliate system
Profit from affiliate system

The affiliate system or commission marketing is to obtain a specific percentage of profits from the owner of the commodity, in other words, you will promote goods and products that you find on the Internet to get a percentage of each sale you make.
The difference between affiliate and drop shipping
There are many points of similarity between the two parties, but there is a difference that differentiates them, which is that in the affiliate system, you cannot determine the price and change it, unlike drop-sipping.
The commission marketing system depends on selling products at their real price and a percentage profit from each sale that you bring, and this percentage that you earn will be determined by the owner of the product.
The best sites to earn from the affiliate affiliate system

To this point, we have learned about both the shipping paths and the affiliate system, and the difference between them, with an explanation of how to profit from them, so the explanation is still continuing to go to the best e-marketing strategies and ways to target the audience and get the largest number of sales.

What are the best e-marketing strategies for 2022

What are the best e-marketing strategies for 2022

There are many ways to digital marketing, but in this article we will mention the best ways that will enable you to succeed and get the best sales for your products that you will market.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Email by Marketing

Personally, this method is the best, because 99% of users browse the mail daily, so you have to collect the largest number of targeted emails and send your products to them.

How do you get targeted emails?

Because you are the best, we will give you the best. Sometimes you have to offer free things to the user so that you can lure him later. We all want to get free things such as books, information, or anything else.
In short, the idea is to create a landing page with the goal of collecting targeted emails. This process can be done by developing a plan consisting of creating an offer for one of your products or giving free discount coupons.

How is it?

Design a landing page that contains discount coupons, for example, and of course the coupon is sent after the visitor places his e-mail, so he can collect many emails in a short period of time.
If you do not know how to design landing pages, I do not mind to provide a simple explanation so that you can do this very easily
Convertkit is a platform that specializes in creating landing pages in a very easy and free way, just enter the site link and create an account, then you will find many landing pages ready. Choose the template that you see fit for your business and then modify it.
I have explained the Convertkit platform, which specializes in creating landing pages in a quick way, and I think that some of you will not be able to understand me in the right way, although the platform is easy to use, so I will give you a link that contains many explanations on how to design a landing page on the convertkit site

How to target emails from linkedin

Linkedin has 225 million active users, according to Wikipedia data, so we will be able to target our audience from this platform through some simple tools.
1 Log in to the recruiting website
2 Select the country and domain you want to target

After selecting the target group, click on the green button. Find the rigth peopel on linkedin

3 Open the window on Google

As shown in the pictures, just modify these keywords:

"marketing" -intitle:"profiles" -inurl:"dir/ " OR

After modification

"marketing" ""-intitle:"profiles" -inurl:"dir/ " OR

I have added "" and that is to extract the emails for Gmail. You can replace them with Yahoo or others. You can also modify the link of the site you want to extract emails from.
You have marked what you can modify in red.

4 Extracting emails

Of course, after you type these keywords, we will have search results on Google, and what you need now is to copy all the results and go to the Email Extractor Lite website
Paste the results in the first box and press the word Extract

As you can see, we extracted two emails from the first search result. You can go to the second search page and repeat the process to get a large number of targeted emails.

5 Verify the authenticity of the extracted emails

Not all the emails we get are working, they may be broken or incorrect, no one knows, so you must verify their validity, and this is through the website

Save emails in a file with the extension .text to be uploaded as shown in the picture, the list of frozen emails is processed and filtered to get the correct results in the end.

Marketing through search engines

Do not be surprised by this, as you may have noticed that most of the Shop sites have a private blog, so have you thought about the reason?
The reason for creating a blog is to market products, sometimes you search for the problem of hair loss in Google, and when you enter one of the results to find the solution, you will notice that its article gives you the best advice and offers you products that help you get rid of this problem, which is hair loss.
Try to prepare a blog in which you talk about your products. If they are phones, write reviews and ratings, and if they are clothes, write about the world of fashion to be able to attract the target audience, and this cuts under the name of persuasion.
You must convince the buyer, but beware of spreading fake things because you will lose this customer in the end, so you must provide him with the best services to win him always.
If you do not know how to write articles or you are facing a problem in archiving them on the Google search engine, do not worry. We have explained this previously, and you can return to our old lessons through these important links:

Marketing through social media

We cannot ignore the huge and huge number of users on social media platforms, so focus well and build your own audience by creating groups on Facebook or pages interested in your field
You can also use Facebook's marketplace tool to help you sell your products
The best social media platforms:

Marketing through advertisements

Creating targeted advertising campaigns is great, but if you are a specialist and have knowledge, for example, say that you will do an advertising campaign for $100 to sell a commodity whose price is $30, what if this campaign ends and the number of sales is 3 times?
You will have paid $100 and won $90, and the result is your loss of $10, meaning that your advertising campaign has failed.
I advise you to use the Google Ads platform to find out the most requested and searched keywords, and with this you will know which products are searched and requested to be able to create a paid and successful advertising campaign in the future
google ads tool

Marketing through other tools

Using the MailChimp platform, which is specialized in sending marketing emails. It is a powerful and well-known platform that enables you to send 12,000 emails per month, but I think now, all the plans offered by MailChimp are paid and cannot be used for free. I mentioned this platform because some people like Paid plans.

a summary :

You can earn a lot of money if you understand the field of drop shipping and the affiliate system correctly, and the most important thing is that you use strategic methods in targeting your audience to be able to market your products in a better and faster way.
Always try to acquire customers so that you can sell other products and goods to them at a later time, also try to collect basic information about your audience such as their interest and their emails and make them more confident in you and in your transactions.
If you want to leave an inquiry, do not hesitate to leave it in the comment box so that we can help you

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