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Why should you create a blog and how can you increase the number of visitors to it?

Why should you create a blog? How can the number of visitors be increased?

Newspapers are the only means that people used to learn about news, read literary or sports topics, and even search for work. Their use has decreased recently with the advent of the Internet, and was replaced by a blog, which is like newspapers, but it exists electronically, adopting many diverse topics according to specialization.

A blog is a platform that contains posts or articles on specific and targeted topics, either by providing advice or explanation, and it is one of the ways to create content towards creating a republican base interested in the topics raised, following your posts and interacting with them.

Why blog?

The content creator needs to have his own blog so that he can achieve a number of specific goals that may not be achieved through social networking sites only. Among these goals, we mention:

Reaching a larger audience base: writing in the blog is based on specific criteria, including the feature of SEO. From here, you will be able to reach the largest number of people interested in the field of your blog and your writings.

- The blog is your free space: it is known that social networking sites are subject to specific algorithms that change from day to day that are responsible for the rate of interaction and the display of posts according to complex laws. Therefore, you need a stable platform and a permanent reference that is not subject to changing laws and browsers can access This platform will be your blog that documents your work and ideas, for example: Instagram posts appear to a certain number of followers within an hour or two from the time of publication.

- A wider scope for the content industry: All social networking sites have specific laws, such as adhering to a certain number of characters while writing, which makes your content limited, unlike a blog that does not contain laws that limit the space of your expression and publish your content without committing to a certain number of words or content type .

What are the goals of the blog?

  1. Profit from ads
  2. Earning from affiliate marketing
  3. Earning from short links
  4. Profit from selling related products
  5. Spreading ideas and knowledge
  6. Enlarge the pages and increase the popularity

After being able to create your blog, you are ready to present your ideas freely and share them with an audience interested in your writing field. We now move to the basic stage, which is a bit difficult, especially in the beginning, to offer you:

Best Blogging Platforms to Launch a Professional Blog

Tricks to follow to get visitors to your blog: 

Social media platforms:

You can use these platforms to serve your blog’s business and thus attract visitors by publishing some information according to the topic of the blog post and then transferring followers to it by mentioning that the rest of the information is on your blog more with a transitional link to facilitate the process, this method is successful Especially on Instagram.

Use the Facebook groups and join those interested in the same field as your blog, which contains an important audience base interested in the same field. Then, as we mentioned previously, publish posts containing some interesting information with an image containing your blog logo and show your electronic identity with a link or mention The name of the blog, which is what will prompt people to visit it so that they can read the rest of the topic.

Internal links:

Inside the blog, create internal links, meaning that when you write about a specific topic, add a link to another article on your blog that is related to the first topic, which makes visitors spend more time on your blog and move from one article to another by drawing their attention.

Quora website:

Search for questions related to the field of your writing on this site and then answer them, mentioning in the end that the reader can benefit more from this blog without mentioning that it is yours with a link to one of the articles that serve the questions asked.

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If you are a pioneer of content makers and have your own blog, share with us a comment below this article about the sources that you will adopt to increase your visitors and attract their attention through what we have mentioned to you.

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