The $LAPSUS hack group is back again, and Facebook is a new victim


hacking group $LAPSUS

The $LAPSUS hack group is back again, and Facebook is a new victim

After the recent news that the London police arrested members of the controversial hacking group $LAPSUS, including the alleged leader of the group, who is 16 years old, but it was very different from what was reported at the time.

It is related to members belonging to the group only and not to the main actors, which was revealed by the days, as the group again published the data of the software services company Globant, and a torrent file containing about 70 GB of Globant source code in addition to the administrator passwords associated with the Australian software company Atlassian was shared, including These include Confluence and Jira and the Crucible Code Review Tool.

"We are officially back from vacation," the group stated on their Telegram channel, and posted photos of the extracted data and credentials belonging to the hacked company's dev-ops infrastructure.

The controversial group indicated its penetration of a large group of banks and large companies, led by Facebook, as screenshots were published of a list of folders for the data protection solutions provider Arcserve, the Argentine Bank Banco Galicia, the American investment bank Stifel, the branch of the global banking group BNP Paribas Cardif, and the second largest bank in Mexico Citibanamex and DHL, as well as social media giant Facebook and other companies


It has previously hacked LG and Okta

US software giant Microsoft confirmed that hacker group $LAPSUS succeeded in infiltrating its systems, and seized important data from the company earlier this week.

The $LAPSUS group published a torrent file with a size of 37 GB of data. It said it contained the code and source code for Microsoft's Bing search engine and Cortana voice assistant.

During the past hours, the group also claimed that it had succeeded in hacking the system of Okta, which specializes in managing and securing user authentication in applications for thousands of international companies.

David Bradbury, Okta's chief security officer, said the screenshots shown by $LAPSUS originated from a device owned and operated by a third-party provider called the Sitel aggregator, and added that the third-party hack may have affected up to 366 customers.

And after the hacker group this month published an internal source code for South Korean electronics giant Samsung, it was the turn of younger brother and rival LG, as $LAPSUS announced that it had also hacked LG, released a file containing the information of 90,000 employees and threatened to release data about LG's infrastructure. .

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