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Best time to post on Instagram

In light of the digital development and the Internet’s invasion of our modern world, social networking sites, on top of which is the Instagram application, have become an integral part of normal and practical daily life to turn from a place to spend leisure time into a platform that brings together many users from all over the world with different inclinations, which makes it a suitable place to build a business Digital or publishing content for a specific audience, especially with the exceptional conditions that the world has experienced in recent years, but just being on the Instagram platform is not enough because there are strategies you must follow in order to be able to deliver your content to your audiences on a large scale, but it requires knowing the right time to publish and schedule your content Which we will present to you in this article

Instagram insights

Why knowing the right posting time is one of the basics of working on Instagram:

Knowing the appropriate time to publish your content is one of the important steps. If your goal is to reach the largest number of followers, do not neglect this step. There are certain times of the day that contribute to your greater visibility to the following audience, which enhances and makes the interaction on your publications grow permanently and return This is due to the presence of the public at that time online and active on the platform, and in order to be able to choose these times, follow our following steps:

The method used: the "insights" tool or the method of visions, a feature found on Instagram, and the steps are as follows:
  1. Go to your Instagram account page and click on the three lines icon located straight above the account on the right side.
  2. A group of options will appear, click on the "insights" option.
  3.   Now click on the "sell all" option under the "your audience" option.
  4. Many graphs of your account will show you its growth rate and the places where your followers are.
  5.   Focus on a graph of hours under the name "most active time", which is located at the end of the page. It represents the times in which your followers are online on the platform, and it will enable you to know the number of people who are widely present with determining the times as a result of previous statistics.

After being able to implement the previous steps and knowing the times when the largest number of followers are present and determining the appropriate hours for publication, we move on to the following steps:

Select the appropriate hour and publish your content an hour before the chosen time.
Follow up on your statistical figures on a daily basis because they are subject to change from one period to another.

What about people who don't see these features ("insights" tool)?

If you have an account that is unable to show these features or has a follower number of less than 100 people, you should choose times to publish outside working hours and focus on holidays and weekend days and follow some advice from algorithm experts who advise publishing on Wednesday and Thursday, especially since it is not recommended To be published at certain times, such as between three o’clock in the evening and four o’clock in the evening, on all days except Saturday and Sunday.

As for the morning hours, it is recommended to publish between 7:00 and 09:00, which are times before the start of work periods.

Noon times are between 12:00 and 14:00, which are food times during which people can check their phones and access the Instagram platform.

As for the night, the best times are between 7:00 and 9:00 at night.

Other tips:

Choosing the right times to publish may not be enough to increase interaction, there are some other characteristics and conditions that must be taken into account, including:

Define your audience.
Analyze the behavior of your followers to be able to provide content that suits them.
Create a solid relationship with your account followers by answering frequently asked questions and comments.
With all these tips, you will be able to get more interactions on your posts and thus increase your followers. Do not forget that the valuable content is the one that attracts an important audience, and pay attention to the creative side of your account and the aesthetic side of image quality, attractive description, etc.

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