Top 5 Creative Video Editing Software


Creative video editing software

Everyone is in need of programs that help them in editing and modifying their own videos, their family events, their businesses or even their daily lives. With the high cost of video designer services, people are looking for ways to enable them to work on their videos individually without the need for any external intervention.

In this article, we will offer you the best free programs to edit your videos with ease with distinctive creative ideas that enable you to create your own creative clips.

Top 5 Creative Video Editing Software
Learn about the 5 best creative video editing software with download links

First, you have to know that each of these programs has a specific function and degree of complexity in terms of use, and that you cannot use the same program to work on all videos. Each video has advantages that require a program that serves the functions of these features.

Among these editorial programs:


It is among the most used video editing programs for Apple device users, through which you can prepare high-resolution and quality videos up to 4k with the addition of any music clip or sound effects to increase the excitement. Presentation of films.

It is not recommended to use this program in editing complex videos that require precise editing, such as clips of TV shows.


Windows Movie Maker:

This program is intended primarily for use on desktop computers and is intended for Windows devices.

This program is completely free to use, and you can work with it on editing different videos from the simple to the most complex, as it provides you with more than 130 different effects ready to be used on your own videos.


Final Cut Pro X:

This program is considered among the professional programs as it is fast in completion and provides you with the feature to work on your videos even if you are not connected to the Internet.

There are a large number of graphic effects available for free that you can use freely, but this program is only available on Apple Mac devices with a one-time subscription to make the program available to you permanently.


Lightworks program:

You can use this program on Windows, Mac, Linux, and it is considered among the ideal programs for editing videos. It is used by many content creators and professional video editors because it contains many resources. It is classified among the fastest programs on the market and is mainly used in Editing videos related to the field of cinema is a bit difficult, especially for beginners.


DaVinci Resolve

This software is very popular for its use in editing videos related to Hollywood action.

This program offers many functions such as sound processing, color adjustment and many other advanced and unique options, but it needs a more advanced computer than regular computers because it is among the huge programs that require a lot of space.


There are a large number of other programs that you can use during the process of editing your videos, but all of these programs require you to have a respectable knowledge of the field of video creation and your ability to choose the appropriate program to prepare your task according to the degree of complexity.

Have you ever used one of these programs mentioned? Do not forget to leave us a comment below this article with the mention of other programs to spread the benefit. 

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