What is the NFT? Generate stable income by designing and selling NFT tokens


 In this article, we will learn how to profit from the nft, that is, the tokens that are not exchangeable, we will go through several stages, and they are as follows

    1. Explanation and interpretation of the NFT
    2.  The difference between the NFT and the NFTS
    3. How to professionally design NFT tokens
    4.  How to sell these tokens and monetize them

    1 Explanation and interpretation of the NFT

    It is an abbreviation of the word non-fungible tokens, meaning non-replaceable tokens, and these tokens can be a picture, a painting, or even a comment on Facebook, and the thing that makes these tokens a material value is their association with the blockchain, and this means that they will be unique and no one can Someone copied and modified it.

    Non-fungible digital assets (NFT) are based on the blockchain technology on which digital currencies depend, specifically on the same blockchain technology on which the well-known Ethereum blockchain depends, as this technology can store additional information that makes it work differently from the Ethereum currency itself, and other blockchain technologies can Also providing special versions of their technologies that support NFT as well.

    2 The difference between the NFT and the NFTS

    The NFTS are exchangeable tokens, and we can give an example of this currency Bitcoin or XRP that can be exchanged for any of the currencies

    The other known with the diaper on the same material value and this is the exact opposite of the NFT, which can not be replaced or modified.

    3 How to Professionally Design NFT Icons

    As we talked about at the beginning of the post, you can sell an image or even a Facebook comment, a video or something else, but what do you want to design something special that gives you more and greater opportunity to sell this code, what I mean exactly is the increase in your chances of selling and making more income through design A unique and unique NFT token.

    Non-replaceable icons can only be created by phone, simply download the best ART apps for NFT

    OpenSea: NFT marketplace

    NFT Maker - NinjaFT

    GoArt - Art NFT Creator

    token.art: NFT Wallet Viewer

    4 How to sell these tokens and monetize

    First you need to be equipped with an Ethereum wallet: supports ERC-721, for example: MetaMask, Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet.

    Ethereum is currently the most used blockchain service for NFT issuance and this has put some other companies in complete competition such as binance smart chain, tron, eos, wax

    Secondly, buy the Ethereum coin worth $100, and you can buy this coin from various cryptocurrency exchanges or electronic wallets easily, now you can enter the largest platforms that support the sale of NFT and connect your own digital wallet charged with $ 100 and start uploading attachments that you designed or own, the largest NFT selling platform




    After uploading your code file, you can sell it on one of these major platforms through an auction or at a fixed price. Among the most important and prominent uses of non-replaceable codes are electronic games, digital holdings and all the different arts.

    If you encounter any problem with this lesson or have a query that we did not explain, share it in a comment below this article.

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