Watch all episodes of the hacker series Mr Robot from season one to season four and download it with a direct link


 Away from technology, today we will discuss the topic of the interesting series, Mr Robot, about hackers, which we note has met with great resonance in many countries of the world.

A lot of people are looking for episodes on the Internet to watch, and of course, after I noticed the great love of the audience, I decided to put all the episodes of the first season and the second season, watchable and downloadable as well, and they are uploaded on several sites.

There are many hacker movies and series, but they contain a large part of lies, but when watching this wonderful series, which is Mr Robot, we feel a big difference. In fact, I personally watched some episodes and I liked it because there are many logical things in the events of the series, ways Hacking and trampling methods, attacking servers, disrupting the workflow of companies, fetching information and stealing confidential documents, all of this and more seems logical through my watching the episodes, and of course I am speaking in the scientific way, I mean, how can a device be hacked and its information stolen, for example, in this series a method Doing this is a logical way based on what I know in informatics, you will learn a lot while watching and you will learn about the Deep Web or the dark Internet and some crimes that can occur there and most important of all that you will learn about several personalities that changed the course of the world in the field of information security .

I don't talk to you anymore, I leave you with one link that contains all the episodes, the first and second seasons with download links

Click on the image below to go to the site

♣ Season One♣

♣ Season Two♣

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