Simply know the five best ways to earn big money from the Internet!


Profiting from profit has become a serious and realistic matter, and everyone believes in this thing, but there is a very large percentage of people who work for a whole month in front of the computer, with pain and effort, to win 1 dollar!! Yes, my brother, you work for hours and days to earn 1 dollar or less, but you do not know that other than you, you will earn thousands of dollars in order to throw in order to throw some cents that do not sing and do not satisfy with hunger, today we will learn about several plans and ways to earn your living with respect.

The majority of people who entered the world of profit from the Internet faced difficulties, including how to withdraw profits, but as the years progressed, bank cards became available to almost everyone, and I think that a lot and a lot started by working on ptc sites, that is, profit in exchange for clicks, browsing websites, etc. .. These sites force you to make great effort and patience to earn cents that does not mean anything. Personally, this is what happened to me. There are also false sites and false profit explanations that exploit you to profit through you and do not give you anything in return. Rather, there are those who defraud you. I hope that I have conveyed the information correctly and the point of this introduction is that profit from the Internet has terms and conditions, including operating your mind and searching more, and also I want to tell you my brother or sister that profit from the Internet is similar to working in real life. There is nothing free that you have to pay To win or to work hard.

Create a website

You can create a website and profit from it simply. You can rely on several ways to profit from it. For example, a website for programs and applications. Yes, brother. You can rely on profit from ads, including Google Adsense ads. There are companies similar to Adsense that you can place and rely on as well. You can sell advertising space within your site, you can rely on a second plan, which is to create an online store to sell services, programs, series, or anything, or you can even sell the site itself.

It seems that creating sites is a little difficult, but you can start with a blog on Blogger and write posts according to a topic that specializes in, for example, beauty recipes, you can start writing and publishing posts by exploiting social networking sites and making profits from Adsense..


Profit from forex depends on capital. You can start with $100 and make $2000 in one day. Don’t forget that you can lose all your money in a minute. You have to be a professional or go to well-known forex sites such as etoro. You trade by copying a person, and your account does the same activities as the person you copied on, but beware that you copy a fool, you have to look for an experienced person to copy.


You will sell things that do not belong to you. This means that there are companies that have products, for example, a company that specializes in making computers, and its name is x. You will work with them by selling what you can of their products, and they will give you a percentage of profits, for example, 2% for each computer you sell, everything you do. You have to market these products on social media or create a website for them. To succeed more, you can go and look for an e-marketing course. There are many free courses in Arabic.

The YouTube

It is okay in this way, because many people live by profiting from YouTube by uploading and investing videos. It is simple. Create a channel and upload videos of your production or with a good niche and be confident that it will bring many people and do not forget to do the work in order to publish And the success of what you do.

freelance work

There are several Arab and foreign sites available, such as Fiverr, The Independent, or Fiverr to the side that enables you to sell services such as design, programming, making games, modifying images, and everything you donate, and of course, for a fee.

Personally, I tried all the ways and they are all good, but you have to stick to only one so that you can win more and succeed, I hope you win everything you wish as long as you are in the care of God

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