A hacker publishes all data on deaths caused by American companies' vaccines


Publication of all death data from American companies' vaccines

Anti-Covid-19 vaccines have always caused a lot of ado and ink, between defenders of their efficacy and opponents skeptical about the true purpose of these vaccines, and what increases doubts is the lack of data on side effects resulting from the vaccination and the massive blackout from the media and even the heavy censorship of all What is posted on social media.

Therefore, VAERS servers were hacked, which is the vaccine adverse event reporting system and vaccine safety monitoring system, and the data of the American companies producing the vaccine were taken, namely Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen.

VAERS has a database of more than 700,000 adverse reaction reports, including deaths, disabilities, drug interactions, and risk-of-death cases in numbers for each "Vaccine Batch Code" package.

 In addition to a data table showing the effect of Moderna vaccines, which appear different outside the United States of America compared to inside America, which applies to Pfizer vaccines, and for example in the United States of America, a batch with code "039K20A" from Moderna is associated with 39 disabilities out of 4911 vaccinated, so Outside the US, 0.8% are disabilities. Outside the US, Moderna's batch code "3002332" is associated with 63 disabilities out of 1,050 people, so 6% are disabilities.

Also released were the VAERS database and the Covid Science Library and files on the toxicity rating of vaccines and the difference in toxicity between batches of each company, along with videos of doctors talking about the toxin in different batches of the vaccine.

All this and more has been made public on a private site. People who have received vaccinations can see their batch statistics through the code and upload the data to the site below "not star with a dot." The site is banned:


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